The Cove Experience

As a small boutique salon, we value quality over quantity. Giving you the absolute best experience is vital. From the moment you walk in, our focus is on YOU.  We believe that you should have healthy & vibrant hair. As an Aveda salon, our products are plant based and 100% vegan. Step into our newly renovated building, slow down the pace of life, and enjoy the Cove experience. 

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What makes Cove different? 


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Fall in love!

Our hair services are booked hourly. This means that you only pay for the time it takes for our stylists to perform the services. Each stylist has their own hourly rate. 

Transparent Pricing

At Cove, we never double book clients. Expect our full undivided attention throughout the entire experience. Your vision and our talent is an unstoppable duo. 

Undivided Attention

Walk into our newly renovated salon where you will be greeted with a big smile. Come as you are, you are enough, you are loved, you are welcomed here. Leave feeling beautiful and uplifted. 

Holistic Atmosphere

You deserve more than just beautiful hair!

We believe that

• 100% Vegan
• All-Natural
• Eye catching results
• Heath First
• Environmentally Friendly

AVEDA Features

Aveda puts your health FIRST. Aveda products use a variety of natural ingredients in their hair care products, including plant-based oils, extracts, and botanicals that nourish and protect the hair. Aveda is committed to using environmentally friendly production methods, reducing their carbon footprint, and using recyclable packaging.
The health of your hair is extremely important to us! To learn more about Aveda click here

Why Aveda?

You can get away with ANYTHING with GOOD hair


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